Joe Fenzl is a professional decorative artist, with extensive knowledge in both the technical and artistic aspects of surface finishes.  His keen eye for color and textural sensibility combine to create finishes that uniquely compliment the overall design theme.  Mr Fenzl was owner of D.A.L.A. Decorative Arts of Los Angeles from 1989 to 2007.  After relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 2004, he founded Western Pacific Decorative Arts (WPDA).

Mr. Fenzl  has been an instructor of decorative arts for over fifteen years; two years at the So. California Institute of Architecture and thirteen years with the UCLA Interior and Environmental Design Program.  He was the director of the Pacific School of Decorative Arts at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles for 1995-96. 

Along with three seasons on the Home and Garden Network,’s “The Kitty Bartholomew Show”, Mr. Fenzl has also been featured as an authority in the field of decorative arts on the several seasons of Discovery channel’s “The Christopher Lowell Show”.

His work has been featured in numerous types of publications including the book “Sophisticated Surfaces”, which is currently available. 

He prides himself on being a straight forward businessman who wants to make the customer informed and confident in the beginning, and totally satisfied by the end.

Having worked on large residential and commercial projects, W.P.D.A. is set up to handle all business concerns such as licensing, insurance, safety and worker’s issues.  Our employees are all experienced and conduct themselves in a professional manner so as to make the job run smoothly for all concerned.

We are also available for surface finish design consultation on large projects.

Our 1997 creation “Ravissant”, a line of handmade wallcoverings, was represented by Randolph & Hein in their Los Angeles showroom in the Pacific Design Center from 1997 to 2008.  Contact us for a representative in your area.  Ravissant was honored with IIDA’s “Acclaim” award as Best Wallcovering of 1997 in the residential category.   Ravissant’s styles consist of unique hand applied textures, with glazes and metallic accents.  They fit perfectly in design settings from “old world” to “contemporary”. Click here to see Ravissant wallcoverings web site.

References available upon request.  Click here for job descriptions.

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